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Makeover Your Front Door for a Powerful First Impression

Makeover Your Front Door for a Powerful First Impression


front door makeover




Your front door is more than the entrance to your home. It is a crucial design element in curb appeal and a great place to add a splash of color. Renewing your front door with fresh paint is a great weekend project. Here are the steps on how to do it right.


One of the biggest challenges in painting your front door is scheduling the time for the project. During the project you are preparing the door, painting, and applying in between coats, all while your entry will be open. Ideally, you would take the door you are painting down, and place a temporary door in its place. Most of us don’t have a spare door laying around we could use. Because of this, we recommend using a latex paint that dries fast to minimize the dry-time between coats and shutting the door.


painting your previously painted door


Remove the Door or Paint in Place?


First, you have to decide whether you want to remove the door from its hinges or paint it in place. This is personal choice on how you want to work. Some people will find it much easier to remove the door and place it on saw horses, but these steps will also work well if you decide to leave it in place.


Prepare the Door


Start by removing the door handle, lock, and deadbolt assemblies。 You can also protect these with masking tape, but it is much easier to get a nice finish not worrying about going around these。 Thoroughly clean the door to remove all the dirt, dust, and hand oils that collect over time。 To get the smoothest finish possible will require some elbow grease。 Carefully sand the entire door surface starting with 120 grit sandpaper and finishing with 220 grit sandpaper to remove all the dings, dents, and rough spots。 Make sure you clean off any of the dust from your door before you begin to paint。


Protect parts of the door you don’t want to paint with masking tape and masking paper. Also protect the floor if you are painting the door in place with drop clothes or plastic.


tarting to Paint开始粉刷

No matter what, we recommend applying a primer first. It minimizes problems, and our Diamond Prime Universal Primer is a great choice. It promotes adhesion on tough to stick to surfaces, minimizing the potential for peelin. It also has stain blocking pigments that help block imperfections from reappearing in your finish coat. For flat doors, applying the primer by a roller cover is a great way to ensure a smooth finish. A great choice is one of the microfiber or foam roller covers. If you have a paneled door, a combination of a brush and roller cover is the best choice (see below for more information on how to paint a panel door).

无论如何,我们都建议先涂底漆。它能把问题最小化,我们的Diamond Prime Universal Primer(底漆)是一个不错的选择。它可以促进坚韧的表面粘附,最大限度地减少剥落风险。它还具有防污颜料,可帮助阻止缺陷重新出现在面漆上。对于表面平整的大门,通过滚筒涂抹底漆是确保表面平滑的好方法。最好的选择之一是用超细纤维或泡沫进行辊涂。如果你家的是镶板门,则刷子和滚筒盖的组合是最好的选择(更多关于如何粉刷镶板门的信息,请参阅下文)。 

After giving the primer enough time to dry, you can move on to applying the finish。 In most cases, Diamond Prime Universal Primer can be coated in 2 hours, but it depends on temperature and humidity。

给底漆足够的时间烘干后,你可以继续涂漆。在大多数情况下,Diamond Prime Universal Primer(底漆)可以在2小时内涂上,但它取决于当时的温度和湿度。 

For the finish, SureFlo Acrylic Latex Enamel is an outstanding choice and is available in a satin or gloss sheen. It has incredible flow and leveling, making it extremely forgiving in creating a smooth, even surface. Anti-sag properties also make it much easier to apply, especially on paneled doors. SureFlo can be recoated in 4 hours, allowing you to apply many coats in a day. In most situations it dries to the touch in as little as 30 minutes. We recommend allowing the paint to dry as long as possible before closing the door to minimize the chance of it sticking to the frame. SureFlo does have built-in block resistance reducing the likelihood of it sticking to other painted surfaces, but it takes at least 24 hours for the block resistance to fully develop.

对光泽度来讲,SureFlo Acrylic Latex Enamel是一个杰出的选择,它有丝光和亮光两种光泽。它具有令人难以置信的流动性和流平性,使其非常容易形成光滑,均匀的表面。防凹陷特性也使它更容易应用,特别是在镶板门上。 SureFlo可以在4小时内重新涂覆,使您可以在一天内涂上许多层。在大多数情况下,只需30分钟即可干燥。我们建议在关闭门前尽可能长时间地将油漆干燥,以尽量减少灰尘粘在边框上的机会。SureFlo确实具有内置的阻挡阻力,减少了粘附到其他涂漆表面的可能性,但它至少需要24小时才能完全表现出来。

Remember, paint dries faster in higher temperature, lower humidity, or when exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid painting in these conditions when possible.


painting paneled doors粉刷镶板门

Painting paneled doors can be challenging unless you start with a plan。 Begin by using a brush to paint the recessed areas of the panels。 Then, using either a brush or a roller, paint the faces of the panels, followed by the rails and stiles of the door。 Try to minimize painting into partially dried paint film to reduce unsightly brush or roller marks。




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